Morning:   Theory with Lyn & Alizée    Get off to a great start in dressage competitions.  Can be in preparation for the upcoming competition at the end of Feb (either at BF or at Chazey), or just for the fun!

  • When am I ready? & goals

  • Preparation upcoming and on the day

  • How to do a good warm up

  • How to manage time

  • How to manage stress

  • Choosing the right test /level. How to learn a test

  • What the judges are looking for

  • Difference between judges and trainers.

  • Do’s and dont’s of dressage


– Warm up lesson with either Lyn or Alizéé as you would for a competition 

– Ride through your test with a dressage judge coming specially for the occasion!

– Debriefing with the judge at the end of the test.

– Debriefing with Lyn & Alizée at the end of the day

One day stage, sign up on Kavalog in Activities, or contact the office /Lyn ;