🇬🇧Incredible !!! 🤩 At last ! Our first Belle Ferme calender is ready !!! Come and discover the prototype now visible in the office and reserve your copy !!! There are a few mini fixes to finish before printing them all, but they will be available in the next week! (I can’t find the date the printer closes, but the plan is to have them before they close for Christmas!). This calendar is the result of many hours of work / planning with the teaching team (thank you for our pasta / pizza meetings on Wednesdays lunch times 😅👍) to establish the schedule for each event, camp, Sunday activity etc for the whole year 😅🙈! Many hours for the layout of a 100% personalized calendar for Belle Ferme at Copy Plus in Prevessin who supported my calls, my presence and all the pressure I put on them to have it ready on time 😱🙈👌 👍🤩! Thank you Copy Plus Laurent and Philippe! (Because apparently they don’t work exclusively for Belle Ferme🙈 😂!). Delivery of Reygroblet chocolates & champagne ✅ 😅👌! Really big THANKS!)

Many many hours and thank you to our house photographers Mathilde and Livia 😍👌 who helped me find the photos of the right resolution and orientation and quality sufficient to print this large! (The choice of photos is mainly based on these criteria and not on a precise choice of people in particular !!) Photos taken with cellphones do not work ..! But the idea is that this calendar comes out every year, so those who aren’t there this year still have years to come! It won’t always be just show jumping but also a better overview of all our levels and riders! My Christmas present this year will be a real camera to be able to take quality photos throughout the year and prepare for next year’s one with also our minis, our adults, our Shets etc😁😅!

In addition to now being able to plan your holidays and weekends around your Belle Ferme activities,  please note that niplall profits from sales will of course be donated to our Association Saxo Belle Ferme 🥰🐴!

The very reasonable price (so as to be easily laccessible everyone ) erand mto be able to offer it for Christmas 🎁) is 15 €! Of course if you want to support Saxo and add a little (and / or buy several!) It is with pleasure 🥰😁🐴🎁!

You can now reserve your copy in the office (you can look at the prototype in the office or send us a mail !