Are you interested?  A special programme; a horse/pony full pension at demi pension rate (2 private lessons per week included or possibly more group lessons)

We have some of our horses/ponies who are not (yet) sufficiently adapted to the life of a club horse. Often due to past stresses, they will benefit from having one person to look after them with care and patience. 

Equiro and Chippie need a competent and calm person.

Tresor, who has just spent a few months on holiday, could return if he finds the right person. He does not work under pressure, but with trust and confidence. Lucky Canaille has alredy found his person!).

The aim is to cover their costs, so that they can move on with their work and regain their confidence. If you are interested please contact (the level should match, but don’t hesitate to ask me if you’re not sure or have any questions…;)


A couple of our horses are going into pre-retirement; Paddy and Nasha. For Olympique, this will be planned soon, once  we find his ‘replacement’.   As these horses can still work lightly and quietly, we have found people who will take them on full board (also at a special pre-retirement rate) until they join “Saxo” when they become fully retired..  Should you be intrested in one of these horses in the future please let Lyn know;)

I would like to thank Melissa who took Paddy, and Rebekka who took Nasha. This allows our horses to be well looked after and spoilt as they should be in their later years.

To replace them, two new ones will join us in January. Their transport is being organised!

Looking for their special person..

Equiro                                             Chippie 


Ariving in January for the club! :