After the great success of the Grand Régional Dressage 2023, Belle Ferme once again has the honor of hosting the GRAND REGIONAL DRESSAGE 2024 (June 22-23, 2024).

All Belle Ferme helpers (riders, parents, members of the Saxo association and all those who want to help) are therefore called upon to help make this 2024 edition a great moment and another success. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE INVALUABLE HELP YOU’LL BE ABLE TO GIVE US FOR THIS GREAT EVENT, WHICH IS ALSO SYNONYMOUS WITH CONVIVIALITY!

Please fill in this form to register in the thematic sections of your choice. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do in detail – Lyn and the whole team will give you all the details. Of course, you’re welcome to sign up for any assignment that might be of interest to you.