Walking around the stables and discussing with you, I realize that some practices with horses and ponies, their material, way to handle them etc. are not as clear as they should be for all riders. To learn these practices and techniques is absolutely essential for the well-being of horses  as well as for the riders for a better confidence and serenity. During usual lessons, there is not always enough time to concentrate on these aspects although they are very important. That’s why we encourage you to join us for one or several of our 2024 Sunday morning session (09h30-11h30 except for May 4 session), as it concerns all riders, ALL LEVELS

Sunday March 24: Horses attitude, how to respond
Saturday April 4 at 17h00: Material, preparation, care and maintenance, fitting to the horse and rider
Sunday May 5: Best to know it before  going out for a ride
Sunday Sept. 8: Transport (in particular for those who go outside for competitions)
Sunday Oct. 6 : Blankets (in particular for owners and half loan)

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For our regular clients, we only ask a donation to Saxo (from 10 EUR).

We hope to see many of you there,