In order to better separate the lessons and the working hours of the instructors and the horses, lessons are now available with Celia on Sundays and Mondays. However, be careful, you must plan to look for the horse yourself and prepare it alone, because there is not necessarily our usual helpers on these 2 days. So you need to have the right level 😉


Private lessons from 11am and all afternoon, with a group lesson at 12pm Galop 4+ dressage.


Private lessons in the morning, with a group lesson at 12:30, private lessons at 13:30 and 14:00.

Then Mathilde takes over for more private lessons at the end of the day!

Contact us if  you have any questions or sign up on kavalog directly!

Then Mathilde takes over for more private lessons at the end of the day!

We remind you that there are camps the week of February 13th to 17th. During this week only the horse classes in the evenings will be maintained. There will be private lessons available on request. Not necessarily at the usual times. You can check with your teacher.  During the weekends and other weeks all courses are maintained!  If you are away during holidays please remeber to cancel your lessons in Kavalog in good time, thanks !

Lastly, our home made Belle Ferme caladar is now availible in the office for 15 euros ( all goes to our Saxo association) and has all our dates of activities, which lessons are maintaned or not, camps holidays etc!

Our summer camp brochurs are also now available on our website and in the office, and sign ups are open on Kavalog!