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Below is the list of ponies and horses available for demi pension. See our brochure to understand how demi-pensions work.

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Size C. Kind and powerful, he is suitable for young riders and/or more confirmed riders who wish to compete. Available now for demi pension



Size B. Kind and gentle. Available for « Demi pension » suitable for all levels, she is a perfect pony to start dressage on. Has had medal and placing’s in French Pony Dressage Championships.



Size B. Lovely well built cob type pony. Suitable from beginner level to Galop 5 in all disciplines. Currently available for demi pension.



A small sturdy extremely safe and reliable horse. He will always make you feel safe in all situations. To take care of, for flat work or jumping he is adorable. Suitable for beginners to Galop 4/5.



Size C. Very handsome looking pony – a Ken; Barbie pony! Kind and reactive, he is suitable for young riders and/or more confirmed riders who wish to teach him how to compete. Available now for demi pension.



Mare. Born at Belle Ferme, daughter of the lovely dressage horse Demiola, Dream is currently available for demi pension. She is young, kind and learns fast. She will be a pleasure to progress with mainly in dressage. Minimum galop 2/3.



Very kind mare who initially progressed in dressage but now does equally well in jumping. Minimum galop 3. Energetic and willing. She was placed 1st in dressage at the Rhône Alpes young horses at aged 5! Available in September.



Mare. Very kind and suitable for all levels. Great to progress in both dressage and jumping, get started or improve in competitions. Once she gets going she’s amazing. Available now for demi pension. 



Horse. Currently available for demi-pension.  A big horse, but equally very kind. Suitable for all disciplines. He needs and enjoys contact with his riders and gives much in return. 


The Shetlands

You don’t have to wait to be big to have your own favorite pony each lesson!  Shetlands are also available on demi pension!


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