Like you all, we are eagerly waiting for news and updates to be able organize the weeks ahead..! We have already thought about and prepared several possibilities according to the different options that can be considered. (Please note for now these are ideas and suppositions! ) In case of confinement we will do our best to put in place a possibility for riders of a reasonable level to come and maintain the well-being, care and work of the horses and ponies (which is allowed). We therefore hope to be able to welcome several of you, but there will be no day camps or the possibility to eat here at lunchtimes. Most likely sessions where you would have a pony / horse for yourself for 2 hours (50€), where you come to care for, prepare your pony / horse, ride for 1 hour and take care / put away afterwards (under the supervision of an instructor). Lessons will not be permitted but sessions will be supervised. It would be helpful for us to know if this would be of interest to you? It could be during the day during holiday times and / or early evenings. We hope this will help you keep your heads straight and help us keep both our ponies /horses and our business fit and healthy.. A similar organisation could be put in place if we are not in confinement, also including lessons and therefor for all levels. We will keep you updated by email as soon as we have more information. If you do not receive an email, please think to check our website for updates! Always looking for positive solutions.. keep safe and keep strong 💪 !