A big thank you for your patience for a little disruptive first week of lessons. The delay of the sand trucks for Echo manège hasn’t allowed it to be finished on time. The last trucks arrive on Monday 10th. The manège should be operational this Wednesday! Not only the sand but also the base ground below have been completely redone. A little patience but the result will be there soon! Better lighting is also expected during January! Echo will be brand new!

Our teacher Carole, rider with us since her adolescence and more recently teacher, on sick leave since December and early January, will unfortunately not continue at Belle Ferme. Carole was well appreciated by all and will be missed by many of her riders. Her 2.5 years with us were well appreciated. Belle Ferme wishes her all the best for the future. We are currently doing our best to find the right person for the now available job. In the meantime thank you to Kevin who is able to help with replacements, and to all of you for your understanding the time to reorganize things.

A few horses are still affected by strangles, a disease that has been circulating in the stables since November, but luckily things are calm and we hope to be near the end of this very contagious disease in horses. We all the same had to cancel our competitions scheduled for January and February, to protect the horses coming from outside. There will be CSO training on Sunday January 30th instead of the competition.

Finally, little reminder that the Belle Ferme calendar with all the dates of events, activities, camps etc. for the year and available at the office for 15 Euros! (For Saxo!).

Hoping that the Covid and the strangles calm down..

Happy New Year 2022!