Saxo is organizing its first 100% winning Christmas raffle! Tickets are on sale for 5 euros from Sunday 21 November 21 until Monday 13 December, the day of the draw. The prizes must be collected no later than December 18, 2021 at noon.

We need people to help sell the tickets (at Belle Ferme, at School, at work, in your businesses & to friends) .. so we have set up 3 awards for the top sellers!

1st prize: A Harours Tapis!

2nd prize: A Harour grooming bag!

3rd prize An Antares cassette!Tickets can be taken in the office (see Lyn or Sophie), and regularly bring back the number of tickets sold with the corresponding amount in an envelope with your name.

Prises are a mix of Equestrian items and others. Here are just a few examples, with lots more still to come!!!

Example of prizes: Harcour blanket, Several Harcour tapis, Harcour grooming bags, Several Antares CSO tapis, Antares Dressage tapis, Antares casquettes Antares leather products, 5 Vouchers for 1 hour Belle Ferme riding lessons, 1 Annual Belle Ferme Juniors membership, 1 anual Belle Membership Minis, Decathlon gift vouchers, Padd gifts, Eki’Nutri horse sweets, Equistar conditioner, Bernard Nutrition Animal salt blocks, Products for leather, Grooming equipment, But also .. 1 Nintendo Switch, Karaoke speaker, Board games, Selfie branch, Soft toys, Sweets, Books, Chocolates ..

Those Interested in helping sell tickets can get them from Sophie in the office !🤩👍Those who would like to buy tickets can also buy them from the office! All the Saxo retired horses and ponies thank you for their necessary witner support!