Hello All

  • So seriously alert! One of the new Shetlands that arrived three weeks ago turned out to have the Gourme (strangles). Very contagious disease in equines. It is not transmissible to humans, so no fear for you. This pony was isolated right away when we found out. Fortunately she was isolated before, her condition was not at all visible when she arrived and it started 3 days later. Since we have 3 other probable suspect cases, we are awaiting the results of the analyzes for confirmation. We also have a case of fever that is not strangles. Our vet is working with us to find out what it can be and best manage this situation.

  • As Belle Ferme riders .. We need your help to manage this situation as well as possible.

  • First, your presence to keep coming and not canceling your classes (for this reason) is very important. This situation is not going to be easy in terms of veterinary costs .. (!) So please do not be afraid and run away;) I remind you that there is no danger for humans.

  • Then your behavior around equines:

  • – Only take care of the pony / horse you are riding. Do not touch other ponies.

  • – Only use our brushes which are regularly disinfected, or you can use your own if it is the same pony / horse but please disinfect them too. And / or disinfect them if you use on different equines.

  • – Same for the material, gaiters, and tapis for example.

  • – No longer wander around the areas of the stables where you don’t need to be; please do not walk in the owners’ stable if you have no valid reason. Especially not patting the horses or feeding them etc.

  • Maintain your covid habits, ; disinfect /wash your hands and keep distances among the horses (also essentiel to be extra careful given this new wave of Covid which is coming. But add social distance among horses. (that said, many live together in the fields and not possible for all of us separate everyone, but avoid encouraging them to say hi and touch noses !

  • – Symptoms: fever (therefore no appetite), nasal waste, cough and breathing difficulties (when it gets serious).

  • Be careful, the horses also cough when they eat the hay if there is a bit of dust, so do not immediately announce if a horse coughs once that he must have strangles..

  • – In case of doubt, we take the temperature immediately.

  • – Equines with symptoms and fever are isolated in the green boxes. It is forbidden to approach them. Those have signs on the doors. The people who take care of them will ware appreciate protection.

  • So that’s the information, we thank you for your support to help us  manage this small additional unforeseen health crisis ! Lyn & Belle Ferme Team !

On another note :

Reminder that this Saturday evening is our Christmas dinner at the Florimont restaurant. If You wanted to come and forgot to sign up we can still take you, very last orders Friday evening;) Fondue or pierrade 34€ all included. Open to all our riders families parents children. We are a nice team of 35 already. Passé sanitaire obliged.

This Sunday 5th It’s our Christmas Day. The morning we have a an internal jumping competition, Heights for all levels starting with polls on the ground and up to normal competition heights. This competition is not official she does not need medical certificates, galops etc. you can just sign up in the office.

This is a joint Belle Ferme and Saxo fund raising event;) Lyn